Our Former Model: ARG 18

top view.PNG

• Student-designed and fabricated single-piece carbon fiber composite monocoque
• 7/8 carbon fiber composite monocoque with removable rear steel subframe

Suspension & Unsprung

• 4-wheel independent double A-arm suspension
• Pushrod-actuated Penske 7800 2-way adjustable dampers
• 7.5x10" Hoosier R25B Racing Slicks
• Adjustable front and rear anti-roll system
• Custom Aluminum uprights, hubs, and wheel centers


• MoTeC M400 EC
• MoTeC ADL3 Data Logger
• Modular CAN Data Acquisition
• Launch and traction control


• Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Honda CBR600RR engine
• BorgWarner KP-35 Turbocharger with Custom DMLS Turbine Housing
• Custom Dry Sump Lubrication System
• Chain-driven Drexler Mechanical LSD

side view.PNG


Our History