Help Cornell Racing Achieve a Greener Future Faster!

Thank you for joining our team on Cornell’s annual giving day! Giving Day is your chance to be a part of something big. For a full 24 hours, Cornellians across the globe will join together to create change—on campus, and in the world. Your donations to Cornell Racing FSAE will be greatly appreciated as we strive towards our greater goal of building an electric vehicle.

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What is Formula SAE?

Started in 1979, Formula SAE is an international competition for student teams to design, manufacture, and race a car subject to regulations put forth by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Over 400 teams from universities worldwide participate in events hosted around the globe where the teams must defend their design choices during various static events, under the scrutiny of industry judges. The teams must also participate in dynamic events, testing both their car's performance and their drivers’ abilities. Each team’s race car must excel in multiple categories to win top honors at competition.


Who are we?

For the past 31 years, our team has been known for making unbelievable cars - allowing us to rack up 9 world championships and making us the team with the most world championships. This year marks Cornell FSAE's transition into the electric competition. We are beyond excited to undertake this journey and share our progress with you. Since early August, we have been hard at work designing and manufacturing our car. It's been a road filled with ups and downs, but we believe we can make waves with our arrival at the electric competition.

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How your donation contributes to a greener future

This year, we have been pushing our design and manufacturing skills to the brink by going electric. It's a road filled with uncertainties, but you can help us eliminate one big roadblock: funding. This year with your help, we've purchased carbon fiber, batteries, a motor, and electrical safety equipment to  this year's car, and we need your continued support to finish building it! Your commitment to our team helps us beat our competition and create amazing engineers who are knowledgeable about electric cars. As we continue to build new cars and innovate upon this year's, our engineers will graduate and work on cutting edge electric car technology.